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Welcome to! This site is dedicated to dispelling the myths about Islam, with a focus on the Jihad – Holy War.

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The Muslim Jihad, or holy war/struggle, has been a hot topic around the world. Islam is the fastest growing major religion on the planet. There are millions right here in the United States. There have been many purported definitions or explanations of what Islam actually describes the Jihad to be, from an all out conquering of the globe with the slaughter of those who refuse to submit, to just a peaceful and spiritual struggle for holiness and Allah’s divine favor. What does the Qur’an actually teach? What do the Hadith’s (early explanations and directions for Muslims from Muhammad) actually teach? This site aims to answer those questions and provide a holistic understanding of Islam.

Muslims in DC
Muslims praying on the White House Lawn – Dispelling the Myths of the Muslim Jihad

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  1. I would lyk 2 go 4 jihad also 4 da pleasure of almighty allah nd im askng ather muslim 2 make dua’as 4 me also so dat i cn become a mujahideen

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